A chronicle of my first ever Arctic crossing. In fact, my first ever expedition! As part of a 2 man team I will cross the Greenland ice cap, covering approximately 500km taking around a month. I will be pulling up to 100kg on a pulk across the ice in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celcius. With no previous experience to call on, you can follow my attempt to transition from expedition layman to Arctic adventurer.

Nominate YOUR Charity!

For a month I'll be putting myself through extreme temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and I thought I must use the leverage to raise some money through my wonderful friends and family that we can all help some great causes.

Marie Curie nurses care to terminally ill
patients in their own homes or hospices,
while offering support to their families.
The first charity I will be raising money for is Marie Curie Cancer Care.  My expeditioning partner has personally experienced the care and support that they offer through what must have been an unspeakably hard time.  I can't think of many groups who deserve to be supported more in order that they can continue their amazing work.  The fact that I would never be endeavoring on such a trip without his trust and faith in me makes this an even easier choice and seems an apt way to show my appreciation.

50% of all funds raised will be contributed to Marie Curie.

Charity 2 will be your choice,
receiving 30% of all funds raised.
Now, THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!  30% of all funds raised and 20% of all funds raised will be going to two additional charities.  As of yet these two other charities have not been chosen and I would like your input on who should benefit.

Anyone can nominate an officially registered charity to fill one of these two remaining slots and be responsible for them receiving either 30% or 20% of all the funds that I raise!  All you have to do is to comment on this post with the name of the charity you are proposing.  If you would like to also provide an explanation as to what they do or provide a story as to how you have been involved with them then that would be wonderful.

All the charities that have been proposed by the end of next week (Friday 14th October) will be compiled into a survey which will then remain on this blog until the end of this month.  Here, every unique visitor will be able to vote on who they think should receive the 20% donation.  

Charity 3 will be selected from
amongst your suggestions.
Charity number 3 will be one of my choosing out of all of the suggestions that are received.  I will make every effort to educate myself on each nominated charity and will reach a final decision based on what I feel is most meaningful to me.

Please, please get involved in this and make your wishes known through the comments section below.  I  rarely call on the help of my friends and family in order to raise money for charity - and I'm still not (yet) - though I do want your input!

The three finalised charities will be announced through this blog on Tuesday 1st November.

Best Wishes,


P.S.  You can also contribute towards making this expedition happen by clicking on any one of the promotions from my targeted advertisers.


    Horatio was one of my best friends, an arctic expedition also seems like a very appropriate way of raising money for this cause. best of luck with your expedition, many thanks.


    Just because I think for most of us at some point in our lives it is important to know there is an ear that listens.

    Reg expedition- you know how I feel!!

  3. Good luck!

    Charley Paige trust it's a local charity that supports sick children and their family's And was started after the death of Kerry Franklyns niece By Jackie Kerrys mum because it's a small charity there are no overheads so every penny helps!

  4. Not sure of a name but something to do with men's issues, something like prostate cancer. Good effort mate , Deane

  5. Help for Heroes.

  6. The Bulgarian Hope Foundation, Inc. (US-based, registered 501c3 nonprofit)

    We are raising funds to provide a one-on-one caregiver for a disabled orphan in Bulgaria. We're super excited about this opportunity! Wishing you the best in your endeavors- looks awesome!

  7. The Royal British Legion/Poppy Appeal. Doing a top job of support for all generations of our arnmed forces.

  8. My own suggestion is AgeUK - this is the new charity combining the efforts of Age Concern and Help the Aged for the whole of the UK.

  9. Thank you everyone who made a contribution. The shortlist is available to vote on now at the top right of the page. Unfortunately, I can only raise for UK charities and those which are on the Virgin Money Giving website, however, I wish those charities I was unable to help all the best with their brilliant work.

  10. Sorry i'm a bit late, but it would be great if you could raise money for Help Harry Help Others. It was set up by a little boy called Harry Moseley who was diagnosed with a brain tumuor at the age of 7. He made beaded bracelets for brain tumour research which raised over £185,000. he's also helped Cancer Research UK raise hundreds of thousands more. He was such an inspiration kid - unfortunately he passed away a few weeks ago, but his campaign is still going strong. pls support it!